Pupscouts are dogs and their people who like to earn badges and do good things for their community. Individually, they are rescues living the good life, donation dogs and social media celebrities, dedicated to making people smile.


To connect people with people, involving them in our fun and philanthropic activities, as our role model pups and kitties lead us toward a more playful, forgiving and caring way of life.



Lola Teigland graduated with highest honors from Drexel University. After placing in the “THE NEXT GREATEST AMERICAN DESIGNER” competition, Lola scored a position on Seventh Avenue, first designing for Albert Nipon, then for Christian Dior.

Hollywood came calling with big adventures and Lola left the fashion world. She got heavily involved in the NY theatre scene. Television commercials and a short stint on “All My Children” followed. After a summer with David Mamet and the Atlantic Theatre Company, Lola started writing and never looked back.

Lola entered the UCLA Writer’s program. She optioned her first two screenplays; her next few scripts placed in several prestigious contests, including the Nicholl Fellowship, Project Greenlight, the Austin Film Festival and the Sundance Writer’s Lab.

Lola watched the second plane dive into the World Trade Center and her passion for cause-related work began. She became a pet advocate after adopting her two dogs. Lola knew she had the fashion and entertainment skills to do for dogs what PETA did for anti-fur. Her mission began.


LOLA & POOCH an arts & entertainment company based on the philosophy that you move forward by giving back. Created by writer / artist Lola Teigland, we sell fun. This intellectually curious creative thinker believes the marriage of commerce and cause drives America’s future and she’s all in.


We welcome those with like goals to join us. We are writing a book and filming a weekly web series, so if you've got skills to help, say hello!