We’re big fans of celebrations. We love to decorate, bake, and have an excuse to have a party. Sometimes we can find a holiday to celebrate or a special occasion, and sometimes we celebrate just because. We call those parties ‘unbirthdays’ after the Alice in Wonderland song.

This particular party is our annual swim party, held at a member’s home. Because of that, it is only open to active members that we have personally met. We’ll discuss in the forum the food, games and decorations.  Check out our Portfolio blog from last year’s pool pawty. Is there anything more fun than watching dogs navigate the rough seas of a swimming pool and pool toys?

DATE: July 24th

TIME: 1:00

LOCATION: Jacqui’s house

We will have a gift exchange, because everyone gets a gift at an unbirthday party. There is a five dollar limit. Get something silly, that anyone will enjoy laughing at, or somehow indulging in. We will basically pick names out of an hat, or have some sort of silly contest to determine who gets what.  Wrap then in unbirthday paper––––which means wrap them in anything! Think outside of the box. The point here is to explore the unexpected and have fun with it.  The day will be all about experiencing an upside down, Alice in Wonderland sort of world. Frrl free to dress for the occasion.  But if course be prepared to enjoy the lovely pool and the gorgeous view.

For food we’re going pot-luck style. Discuss what you are bringing in the forum.

See you there!