This campaign is Woofie’s entry in our book. He wants to start a kindness campaign, because he thinks the world is too mean. Here is what you do:

1. Do a good deed––––you, or your dog. Or just observe one and share it.
2. Make a sign that your dog can wear around his / her neck stating the good deed. It can be handwritten or computer printed, whatever you want.
3. Write a few sentences summarizing the good deed.
4. Come to the photo shoot! It’s going to be a tea party. You can dress in your uniform, or in your Sunday best, or even come naked! (the dog, not the person. 😉 )

We will take photos of each dog. The photos will be published as a portfolio on our website and on all social media outlets, by you and by me. We will then challenge our friends to join us by doing the same. Maybe we’ll start a movement!

Check the forum for what to bring to the tea party.

You can even do this in your own town and send us the pictures and your story!

This will take place in West Hollywood, in Roxanne’s backyard. Because this is a person’s private home, I need to meet you before you can attend. If you are new and you want to come, maybe we can meet up somewhere first? Her backyard is filled with the most delightful shabby chic charm, with an Alice in Wonderland vibe. There are lots of chairs, swings and tables that will add to the photo’s delight. We aren’t going to do a big food thing. So bring whatever you might want for yourself.
Here are some sample pictures:

Bear being kind

“My mom was in traffic. She saw a lady trying to make a right turn into traffic. Nobody would let her in. My mom let her in, then waved and smiled. This was a big deal. Mom usually drives like she’s in a race. Sometimes she yells at the other cars.” ~Elmore Buttercup Bear


“My mom was in a store. She saw a lady dressed real nice. The lady’s outfit took great care, and she looked so pretty. My mom told her so. It was nice. The lady smiled real big and said thank you.”
~ Woofie Sweetthing


I’m Holly. I learned about sharing from my Mommy and my sister Lucy and by being mindful of others’ needs. One day, I saw a doggie and his human who really needed help just getting something to eat, so I shared with them. I’m a rescue and I want every dog, everywhere, to have food, clean water and to feel wanted, needed and loved.lucy-being-kind

I’m Lucy. My Mommy gives me and my sister Holly a weekly allowance. I used to blow mine on snacks and squeaky toys. I like to do little things to be nice, like show off and lick people. But I’ve learned something really important- that by donating my allowance to help other fur-kids to have a good life and find good homes makes a big, PAWsitive difference in their lives.