Hi fellow Petscouts! You might have noticed our Under Construction notice on the intro pictures. I want to fill those spaces with pictures of you from our first meet-up as Petscouts (Vs. Pupscouts) and from our new location — namely this website.

We’re hosting a casting call for a series of comedy skit videos we are producing. As petscouts, we will work with cats, dogs, piglets even ducks if you have one that is trained enough to at least sit and stay. Some roles might require more than that. We’re looking for pets with charm, personality and expressive faces. I love old pups, cute pups, chubby pups, darling piglets, cats with attitude.  I’ve got six skits in the pipeline, one is already cast. I would love to be inspired by your pet.

I used to write skit comedy for the comedy troupe, Laughworks, and I was an improv actor with Split Second Theatre. I’ll be employing skills and techniques developed through those experiences.  These skits focus on dogs and what they think as their people interact with life. The camera mostly focuses on the dogs (cats, piglets…).

DATE: May 21, 2017
TIME: 1:00 – 4:00
PLACE: West Hollywood Park, by the picnic tables
(N. Robertson Blvd. entrance)

Skit #1: Family Vacation

meal-beautiful-room-woofie-and-bear Pebbles: the mom.
Rover: the dad.
ZZ poo: the daughter.
Bacon: the son.

Each must be able to sit and stay. Daughter and son have more actions. I can build it around your pet’s skills. All are under 20 lb pets. Takes place at Rosie’s dog beach.

Human cast: The translators. I play the woman. looking for one male actor.

Skit #2: Couple’s Therapy

Male dog: Husband.
Female dog: Wife.

These can be any size dog (cat, piglet…). What I’m looking for is extremely expressive faces. Sit / stay a must.

Human cast: A John Belushi type for the man. A young green acres Zsa Zsa Gabor type for the woman. Therapist will be cast on their voice.

Skit #3: First Date

Female dog: A cute chubby dog.
Male dog: Chinese crested or some sort of skinny, wiry with odd hair, possible an overbite. A so-ugly-I’m-cute kind of dog.

Human cast: all we see are feet, as we hear their voices. The feet and voice must match the dogs we cast.

Skit #4: Sexcapades

3-5 dogs who will sit together and look into the camera with smiling / curious / confused faces.

Human Casting: We’re casting 4 sets of feet and voices.  teenage feet, 20-something feet, married feet, grandparent feet.

Skit #5: Barbie Dog Races

6 shorthair chihuahuas

Human voiceover calling the race