The Scouting Dog’s Guide to Everything connects people to people through their pets. 

Writer/artist Lola Teigland brings her unique skill-set (7th Avenue designer, Nipon & Dior / pro writer, 10+ years) to the world of dog through this fun and engaging handbook. Her mission: to celebrate the things that make life better, connecting people to people through their pets.

The book begins with the nuts and bolts of starting a troop, then the Beverly Hills Pupscouts take over, telling you how to earn their favorite badges while sharing playful stories of kindness, generosity and unconditional love. Thirty-seven heart lifting dog truths add wisdom and charm.

Dog Truth #37: Dogs Save People

It’s true. Ask any dog owner. A dog’s pure and unconditional love expands man’s capacity for kindness, empathy and compassion. In today’s dark and divisive world, dogs bring us back to the light. 

What is a Scouting Dog?

They are pups and their people who like to earn badges making crafts, having fun, and doing good things for their community. 

“I built this book on the premise that, if humans lived more like dogs, they would lead richer lives,” says Lola. “Experiencing a dog’s loyalty, forgiveness and unconditional love makes us better people. It has made me a better person, and lead me to do what I do. I make pop culture pet parodies–––memes, live pet fashion events and videos–––mimicking humanity from a dog’s point of view. My troop helps.”

Next up, a video shoot: The Barbie Dog Races. Eight chihuahuas with socially conscious themed Barbie dolls saddled to their backs race to the finish. There’s a Make America Great Barbie, a Dear White People Barbie, and a Braid VS messy bun Barbie, to name a few.  

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